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Question of the Week: What are your top tips for vacation rental hosts?

In a recent Partner Hub blog, our Hospitality Programme Manager (and sometime rental host) Thibault Masson shared his best advice for new vacation rental partners (you can read it here

He covered topics like pricing, managing expectations, communicating with guests, juggling operational tasks and using technological solutions. 

Check out the post and tell us what you think. Are there any other tips you’d share with first-time vacation rental hosts?

M Adamopoulou

Dear Sergei, thank you for sharing this post.

For us newbies, tips are always welcomed and I love searching and reading tips recommended by BDC.

I agree with all tips mentioned  but  my  strongest moto is...whatever you do put your heart into it...

Isle of Wight …

Top Tip - Use AirBnb - quick and easy to create a listing, no hassles over verification, they handle all payments for you whereas BDC insist on cash only for new properties, you don't get the fake bookings like you get with BDC, AirBnB take the damage deposit for you, whereas BDC says they don't trust hosts (like we're all criminals) and insist we take damage deposits in cash only, AirBnB have lower fees which means we can price lower and get more bookings and overall get more money than with BDC, and they pay out the day after the guest arrives whereas BDC can make hosts wait for up to 6 weeks, unless they opt in to pay higher fees to get paid 4 times a month .... oh, and AirBnB's review system is not great, but 10x better than BDC's new reviews system ....


Yeah too bad that brings us 3/4 more bookings comparing to AirBnB, although we offer lower rates there. Some hosts do better through Expedia, some through AirBnB, some through BDC... there are many different factors that should be considered.

If I leave either one of them (BDC, AirBnB or Expedia) it would have some negative impact on overall performance, specially during low season. 


My top tip is get to know the extranet system as much as possible, as soon as possible. open all tabs and sub menus to find everything.

When setting up your property have a check list prepared of ALL the settings you want to have in place, get all these done ASAP to avoid wrong bookings. Some you will find, some you may not and others might need to be added. Appropriate questions to BDC and here should illuminate how to locate/add settings you don't find.

The more you know the system the better, even features you may not need at first can be utilised later or even used to achieve a slightly different goal, think outside the box a little.

This is one area where I find all the OTAs, except AirBnB, are always helpful.


Second top tip;

Anything that can't be made clear in the settings, e.g. size of swimming pool.

Include a photo with the desired setting, in this case the dimensions marked on the photo of the pool.