Quiet room request on all bookings

Come on booking.com. For at least 2 weeks every bookings has a request for a quiet room. We are having to reply to all of these. It must be a bug and if not then give us an auto reply to this absurd question. Quiet room depends on many factors out of our control, LIKE OTHER GUESTS!!!


Please let us remove this question or at least don't make it compulsory.


Can everyone please message this to Booking.com because they possibly don't read this.





This is the partner forum not the help desk, who will never read this.  Definitely seems to be a problem as a few partners have added this issue here.



Yes its a bug, dont forget to use the search option at top of page to check for existing posts on same topic before posting.


Simply ignore for now. Dont over think it. :)


Be Safe, Be Well