Rate Plan Missing in Extranet

Dear Partner

I have just added a new homestay property. However i cant see the rate plan under Calendar and Pricing like I used to have.

Please let me know how can I create one? Many thanks

Best regards

EllisRate Plan Missing

Leandri Klopper

Hey Ellis,

Oh boy! That's concerning. 

Err, do you have a Channel manager? It looks like you do. Maybe you can only do that through them?

Let us know!


Hi Leandri

I dont have Channel Manager. Stand alone property. What other suggestions you have?

Thanks for your help and reply


Leandri Klopper

Hi Tan,

Sorry for the super belated reply. I got so many SPAM emails that I just couldn't see myself going through them all.

Did you find a solution?

If I were you I would have phoned Partner Services (those are the people with the important buttons on their side) and ask them to check what is wrong with my extranet. 

Keep well.