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Hello dears, I'm interesting how do you plan rates? Can you give me good tips for managing rate  plans, maximum how many rate plan is good to manage the hotel well and not be chaos. I thing that I need to have Standard rate, Non-refunduble rate and breakfast included (For st. and non-ref.) so, is it 4 rate plan? How can i make easy and well-managing hotel rates? Please, good tips. 

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Barry Reilly


I would start with rate based on room type or quality..standard dbl then deluxe king etc.

These then assign a basic daily rate, so let's say 120.

Now consider rates for 3 nights 5 nights as either a percentage discount or amount calculated from the daily nightly rate.


Basic nightly rate =120

Min 3 nights 10%=( 120-10%) *3

You can also do things like sunday to Wednesday are basic rate, but then thursday to Saturday are premium days at basic of 150 and 3 night option discount .


Remember genius members get discount, and promotions can stack with them, do that basic nightly 120 for a genius booking for 3 nights can be 120-25% *3, then bdc commission.



10 days ago