Rates on the calender

Hi, does any body know what is "select amount to sell" option mean? Since I have added a new rate plan it is appearing me this tool with options - 0 optionto …

What should I write then... 0 or 1 option





That sounds like the inventory count per room type.





I real don't know what to select 0 or 1. When they sey select amount to sell! Amount of what. Rooms to sell or what. I have four to six rooms in my house options here is 0 or one. Sounds awkward a little bit 


its not awkward you are just over thinking a simple thing.


You have not even linked your property to profile. nor told us direct what is it .


zero info shared == zero proper answer.

No excuse after 3months of not having the listing link in your profile.



I am really sorry for not being here for three month. This is because I was waiting for the covid to finish. I don't like to put in risk those who are working in my apartment. 

As soon as the covid is over will appear again here. 

I am sorry for any inconvenience 

  1. Property type ?  
  2. How many Room types and count? Single x1/.doublex2 /twin x2  
  3. What calendar view are you using?  

 Order of things -

  • Create/ define Room Type and set count
  • Create Rate Plan, 
  • Link Rate Rate Plan to some or all rooms.
  • In Calendar List View for Room Type X, on left is Rooms To Sell - Bulk edit.

I just realised what you are doing, you are in Calendar Monthly View for Room Type X.


On right pane is 

Open or close for bookings

[o] Open  [o] Closed

Select amount to sell

           0 options to sell             1 option to sell         


This is just the count of rooms for that room type you have free.

aka "the inventory count per room type."



Kind Regards



2 double 20 usd per peeson

2 single 15 usd per person

2 single 10 usd per person


Jonathan Webb

Thanks for explaining, but as i'm renting a house i STILL dont know what to select here...

Aaron Account …

Hi Jonathan Webb,


The same rooms to sell logic will apply to holiday homes as well. If you have just one house to sell, then select rooms to sell as '1'.


If for example you have three houses to sell, rooms to sell will be selected as '3'. You can use this guide if you get stuck at any point updating your calendar. 


All the best,

Aaron B.



Aarons example only applies to if you have same location address for multiple whole units.


examples, challets, villas in same closed community; beach houses on same beach.


Does not apply to one host with one whole unit (apartment / house rental).


As long as two properties share the same location address.


Jonathan Webb

So the answer is... If you are open for business, set to highest number.

(This rates system is very badly designed, but i guess they'll get there eventually)