Re bookings under new restrictions. I do not have any details of where guest is coming from?? How do I check that they are not breaking the rules

I have bookings from guests,  there is  no address details for guests how do I know where they are coming from??  That they are not breaking the rules??



Hi Trish and Paul


If you have not already enabled the policies for Guest Requirements : address and phone number click it to do so.


If you already had the reservation details page should have it.


Note: In some cases depending on where they actually booked, e.g. a 3rd party website affiliate or Travel Agency, you may only see address for that entitiy and not the guest.


I would as next action , try message the guest , scrolling down to bottom of the detail page and request their address in a manner, as to not reveal your hand. So they cant just give another address.


Note: if the room /unit they booked does not involve direct contact with you or others, you could still let them stay. It just means they look after themselves, do their own food shopping etc.


Kind Regards

Trish and Paul Long

I have messaged guest no reply to date. I have contacted Booking.com direct.  I am concerned re travelling from a higher tier to us in tier 2.  It would be irresponsible of me to accommodate guest whose travelling out of a higher tier and stay in my property.  It is supposedly not allowed!!