Reasons for cancelation and Indecisiveness of the guests

Latest info from Booking.com:

There is a strong correlation between a longer booking window and the likelihood of cancellation

Travellers increasingly look for flexibility and indecisiveness is a major cause of cancellation – with the guest booking multiple properties for the same dates

Properties should avoid decreasing rates close to check-in as this can trigger cancellations (with guests seeking a better deal)

Cancellations can sometimes occur when a guest attempts to upgrade their first choice; Booking has created a dedicated product to address this

Building a relationship with your guest and communicating around a cancellation can offer the best solution for all parties

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Leandri Klopper

Hey Katerinka12 ,

Long time no see, I hope you are keeping well.

Hmmm.. interesting. But what if I'm the only one in my area NOT lowering my prices closer to check in? Then I will lose out on Many bookings going to my competition because of cheaper rates. There is no possible way for me to contact all the properties in my competitive area and ask them not to lower their rates.

How does one go about using this information?

Le Balcon des Jasses

Hi every one

Just from me, I got 32 "tips and trix from two Reader, Kate;;; and Aalj;;; All great, BUT I do not understand you have the time to write 32 emails and same time look after your Bed and Breakfast; and all emails give clear answer on Booking.com, just use the Web extranet..;

Sorry, if you think Im a bit rude, its not my point..

Im to busy, my clients are really important, and I enjoy it..

Hi from Lucy

Le Balcon des Jasses--- France


"Sorry, if you think Im a bit rude, its not my point.."

What's your point?

M Adamopoulou

How can some people can be so good at many things at once???
Hey guys, I just found my next posting.


Hey Leandri,

Welcome back. Where have you been?

Contacting other properties to change prices is not a good idea, as everyone decides for himself what to do with his rates. However, I find Booking is honest at least to admit the reasons why do the guest cancel? This issue is stressful for many hosts. As guests do never tell the reasons like their own "indecisiveness"!

"with the guest booking multiple properties for the same dates"

Booking has to find the way to stop it. Unless it's justifiable booking for a big group of people, Booking should not allow the guest to book multiple properties and then dump them all in the last moment of time.

There is a big problem with guests nowadays that they know how to play games and find technical tricks to cheat the system. Such as book and cancel immediately in order to get a Genuis discount, book multiple properties and leave many hoping hosts without booking and other tricks.


"Building a relationship with your guest and communicating around a cancellation can offer the best solution for all parties"

Also, Booking, please, explain what kind of "the best solution"?

Building a "relationship" during a cancelation is quite impossible...

M Adamopoulou

I am general speaking....
Booking.com must do something drastic about cancellations...
Perhaps there has to be a limit in booking multiple properties.... otherwise we have to have strict policies like Leandri has.
Happy posting...

Leandri Klopper

Hallo Katerinka12 !

Good to hear from you, yes I got swallowed up by the beginning of the year madness. But I'm finally learning how to juggle everything. So I ought to be around more often now. Have you been keeping well?

Yes I get what you're saying about the "with the guest booking multiple properties for the same dates". I just cannot justify Not lowering prices closer to the time.

I'm one of the "luckier" *unlucky* ones who isn't at the property, so I have time for the emails etc. But I just, cannot lose so many bookings by following some of the advice that is posted by Booking.com. Some of their ideas/suggestions is gold, and some of them are just .. well.. like a stop sign in South-Africa. We all see it but at the end of the day we ignore it.