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This year has been full of many unexpected events and many people across the country and the world are being restricted to traveling and meetings. But, this month of October 2020 we have been slowly working on to get back on the right direction and rebuild our business and started local tourism in some selected safe areas in the Philippines.

Rizal, Palawan is a remote area in the Province of Palawan Philippines. Here life begins to move forward and restart to open business. It is safe to live in a quieter place with much natural resources such as clean beach,fresh water, clean air, clean forests which contribute to the well-being of the locals. There are no recorded cases of Ciorona virus in our on site location althoigh there are some few people who get sick in other places but are in quarantine facilities and keeping the community safe.  Few month ago , four Nationals from France, Chzeck Republic, Columbia has chosen to live here for a month because they were stranded in the town as volunteer workers and has been locked down for at least two weeks but inspite of that we have enjoyed the privacy of our business.We were able to rent a boat and visited nearby islands without the presence of so many people around us.

We observed wearing of mask in public gatherings and physical social distancing but worship in Church has been restored since last month of August of 2020.

Rebuilding and Recovery Will be our goals for the next few months ahead.

Camp Jenil Serenity Beach Hometel Sitio Badak-Badak Bgy Puntabaja Rizal Palawan Philippines is composed of 1 hectare 7697 square meters landscape which is why I hope to find Investors group of people and companies whose aim is to invest and collaborate with me to develop this place to have a shopping mall space for rent, building project for local and international medical tourism which is necessary for our clients. Please leave your message if interested.

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BrookAve 1 year ago

Hi Jennifer,


That sounds like a very nice region . Have not been that far South -west myself. (of Ireland)