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Receipt of request to self isolate

Please can someone explain where we stand and what we have to do in relation to future guests if we receive instruction to self isolate under the local track and trace system?




If you mean you personally get notice, them you do exactly what the NHS contact says.


As for guests staying and future at that point in time, then I suggest you plan ahead for a contingency.


Where you have limited to zero interaction.


So makes plans for key collection etc, ask someone else to clean, reset rooms etc.


All the obvious stuff. Start by making a list.


Kind regards

La Verrerie de…

Hello - many thanks for your response and your time. 

To be clear, my partner and I run a B&B and if we are asked to self isolate (perhaps because a recent guest has tested positive) we would need to cancel any reservations for the next 14 days.  Obviously we would return any payments already received but we are worried that we would have to find alternative accommodation for our guests and perhaps compensate then if that accommodation proves unavailable or more expensive.  These concerns arise because on a previous occasion we were unable to accept a guest and asked us to find alternative accommodation etc. We are not sure what the current rules are.



Yes I get that.


So to me they shouldnt put the cost difference on you, I believe thats for the guest to pay.


At this stage I would advise phone BdC Support and ask them directly,


though it would be better if someone like Sergei - Community Manager  , could pass this to the account manager team and have them reply ./



Kind regards


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