Recently added a new 1 Bedroom Apt/Suite with full Kitchen

We have a Motel and we have just recently added a new 1 bedroom Apt/Suite with full kitchen. I have some questions. Hopefully someone can help me :)

1). Because it has a fully equipped kitchen, should it up to the guest or housekeeper to do their dishes ( I am not talking about a coffee mug or a glass. I mean a whole sink full of dishes) ?

2). When adding this to BDC, I cannot find where to state that we have just a sofa not a sofa bed, which is all is states. It also states only a Futon (which we do not have). I would love to add that we have a rollaway available for this room, it seems that only on this room I am unable to add that as well. I can add that to all the other rooms, just not this one. 

3). In all of our rooms, we have it well known, Smoking is not allowed. I have a guest that was caught smoking in this new room. She states "For the price of the room I should be allowed to do what I want". I have explained to her No that is not acceptable. She has been in this room for about a week... she extended her stay before being caught smoking. I have told her she would have leave w/o refund if caught again. She now states she would argue with credit card company about paying for the room if asked to leave (I am not involving the police over this) and would definitely leave a very nasty review that she claims would hurt our business. What should I do ?



Wow that's disgusting. 


I would call BdC and report them, and blacklist.