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Recording of Direct Reservation

Just received an email from about removing the feature with allows us to record direct reservations on the Extranet and Pulse Diaries. I found this very helpful to keep all my bookings on one diary. 

Does anyone know why this feature is to be removed soon???? Alos, if anyone is using a Channel Manager, (we currently use MyAllocator), does anyone know any which a diary feature with all the reservations in one place????


Thank you



Hi Bhavesh


erm doesn't the channel manager have a calendar view and a booking view?


wouldn't that be the same thing?


I was looking at Beds24 recently it had that.


Kind Regards


If you still want to talk to a BdC Support Advisor simply go to Inbox, Booking Messages, click on Contact Us.


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The Avon

Like you I find this a crazy move....and like you I will now have to look for an alternative very disappointed.

Dylan Robinson

This has us now scrabbling around looking for a 3rd party solution at VERY short notice to this and is a feature we were happy to pay extra for, It worked perfectly for us. Very disappointed with for this move. On the plus side if we have to use a new booking engine we will be able to sync with other hotel sites and not rely on for bookings. Their loss in the end, a foolish move.


To be fair &  clear this is not a BdC issue,

iCal as a sync method is never been reliable by design as its never been real time. 


A channel manager has always been a requirement for multiple channel.


That is why they were invented.

The Avon

I do not use multiple channels only and direct bookings. of course this is's fault.


Hotelik Jazzlove

Does anybody have an idea how to manage direct bookings without a channel manager? We have been using only until now and loved the feature to add direct bookings in the extranet. 

I have found the "BookingButton" but I can not find it anywhere in the AppStore. Anybody knows where to get it? Or have any experience with it?