I had to cancel a booking for a guest as i had overbooked. It was due to my fault and not the guest, i have a no refund policy so she says she lost her money paid to booking.com although on my statement it shows cancelled. How do I know that it actually went through her credit card and she was actually debited




Hi Brenda

If the booking policy is not set to prepaid then they paid nothing.

If its setup to be prepaid and you have not received a payout from BdC, nor charged a BdC issued VCC., then you simply ...


open the reservation and choose Request cancel, choose option 2 , system emails guest to confirm then they must click to confirm and then the system issues refund in up to 7 days.


You can message the guest of this procedure just before you kick it off and how they must click accept/confirm when the email arrives.in order for the BdC system to issue refund in full.


By starting this procedure you are auto confirming full refund. it will say that on screen.



Kind Regards