Reinstatement of Partnership

Dear Booking Partner,

Hop this message finds you well, I sent you the following message 7 days ago after receiving a mail from the Fraud and Abuse Team but no one got in touch, could you please get back to me.

"Occasionally, we encounter some concerns with clients who have extreme behaviours (damaging the property, disturbing the neighbours, being rude or simply being in a bad mood because they had a bad day or an early flight ...) so you can understand that sometimes it is intensely difficult to manage a property. 

Once, we had a dispute with a very aggressive client, we called Booking and explained the situation.Your English speaking colleague advised us to mark, a 'no show' ( the call was recorded ). The customer had been behaving very indecently.  Recently, we came close to report a complaint about a customer *** ***

(but we gave up because every time we had reported misconducts for damages or non respect of the rules, we never got the commissions back or a way to make amend from your side despite the evidence. And if we request a deposit beforehand, we no longer have reservations).

This specific client was already in front of the building at noon, while he was informed that we would welcome him at 14:00, check-in time. However, we kindly gave him the keys, kept his luggage and told him to come back at 14:00. We also offered Netflix and air conditioning for free to make his stay even more comfortable. He came back at 13:40 while the cleaning team had to rush to finish preparing the apartment. At 22:00, the client sent a message to get extra cooking equipment, and got extremely offended because we couldn't honor his request on the spot due to the late hour, so he wished to leave because his girlfriend didn't want to stay. We learnt afterwards that they disturbed the neighbours to get extra cooking equipment at that time. Then they started looking for dirt until they found it, sending pictures, attacking us and pressuring us to pay them back because they had left and booked another apartment. I can assure you that our cleaning team is very rigorous and respects the hygiene rules. Apart from a few traces of wetness on a wall which will be removed once they get dry, the building is totally new, dates from 2020 and all the equipment is brand new. The guests didn't mention the broken plates or the damages that they caused to the property before their departure. 

Our only way to protect our hard work when we are confronted with an extreme case is through, a no-show as your colleague had mentioned to us. If this is a problem, we will stop but please understand that it is difficult to work with some derogatory clients who threaten us when they are not satisfied and against whom we are powerless. We provide very hard work to make guests happy with their stay, that's the rule of hospitality, but there is a limit as to treat hosts in a respectful way, not as slaves. 

 As to reviews, we received a 10/10 review from guests who arrived afterwards in this same apartment.

I hope you will consider resuming our partnership. 

Thank you for your help and consideration.'


Melina Galopin 


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