Removing Bedrooms for a Tent Property Type


Only a few weeks into using booking.com and still getting used to it!

I have set up a property type of 'Tent' for our accommodation but it insists on me specifying a bedroom and a bed type.  What we are offering is the pitch for a tent not a tent itself.  Does anyone have any advice on how best to set up a tent?

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What I would do is use the options given to set an expectation of how many could occupy the space , i.e. double bed, x 2  = 4 people


Else call BdC support


There has not been much shared previously of the Tent Extranet options so its hard to advise without being able to see what you see.

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Colin Hussey

Thank you for your reply.  I will call the support line as even setting the expectation on numbers doesn't really solve the problem.  When I have a solution I will update this thread.

I will update the profile too!