Reporting a guest that broke the house rules

Hi. I have messaged booking.com early this week regarding a guest that I had on 27/6/20....2 guests. The booking number was ***. They had been smoking in the accommodation, which is against 5he house rifles, and illegal to smoke indoors. Also, I have had a complaint from a neighbour that they were very noisy until atleast 2.30 am. Today (Friday 3rd July)...I am still trying to get the smell of smoke out! I have had to close my calendar until I am happy that the smoke odour is all gone. 

Can you advise me of the best course of action, in respect of,the expense involved of getting rid of the lingering odour, and missed opportunities for anybody booking, which I know is definately one guest as he phoned me to see what 5he state of play was. This behaviour is totally unacceptable.

Look,forward to hearing from you.

Dawn Good



  1. Set up a smoking area instead, or ban smoking altogether.
  2. Dont close availability just because of a tobacco smell, plenty of simple household cleaning products can deal with that.
  3. Setup signs no noise after midnight etc with be considerate of the neighbors.
  4. dont post booking info.