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a reservation in 2023

 Hi There .... we were planning to do renovations mid January & we did not realise that our calender was open for bookings as it was so far away. Is there anyway we can cancel this booking with out any penalties.

Thank YOu!

Kind REgards

Sonny & Janice

Janice Pietralunga

 How do we cancel a reservation over a year from now without penalities, due to renovations? Thnakyou in advance. Janice

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Account Adviso…

Hi Sonny and Janice,

It'll be great to contact the Guests directly first. Most of the Guests are understanding, especially for an advance booking. The best way forward is to have Guests to agree to cancel/ cancel from their end. It's also good that you connect with your Guests at the same time, so they will consider your property again when you re-open.

Hope that helps!