i have had a reservation for 40 nights which I don’t think is genuine. A typical stay is usually 3-4 days.

I have contacted the person who has booked but had no reply.  I can’t find a uk telephone number to ask booking.com if the booking is genuine.  Could this be a malicious booking that they can cancel without penalty 14 days before arrival and are blocking me from taking reservations in this period?

any help appreciated

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Fluff (new account) 2 months ago

Does BDC not have a maximum of 30 day bookings on their site? Is this just an email notification or have you double checked it's showing in Extranet?

Do you have monthly rate activated. Is monthly rate even working yet?....

Sorry, more questions than answers...

Rob hales 2 months ago

Hi thanks for that yes the booking was made in two stays on after the other for 26 days and 14 days to give a 40 night stay . Yes it’s shown in extranet and I guess if I cancel I will have to pay commission?

I don’t charge a monthly rent as it’s holiday accommodation that is not normally booked for more than a week?


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Fluff (new account) 2 months ago

Do not cancel it! If you do, not only will you be paying the commission but the relocation costs as well, this could prove to be very pricey.

Do you have any kind of pay-in-advance system running along with a no-refund policy of some sort? If yes, you will know the booking is genuine when you take payment and any free cancellation period has expired   ;-)

If you have a policy of free cancellation at any time then you have a 50/50 chance of it being genuine.  If you are nervous to have a large gap in your calendar that you may not be paid for, then you can contact BDC to see if they are willing to cancel the booking themselves on the basis of it being over 30 days collectively.

The listed UK numbers are on this page, if up to date?

telephone contact by country

United Kingdom   -   Bristol   -   +44 1173008470

United Kingdom   -   Edinburgh   -   +44 1312473575

United Kingdom   -   London   -   +442086128159

United Kingdom   -   Manchester   -   +44 1618173540