Respond the best way to telephone calls of your guest!

When a guest makes a reservation, I put his/her name immediately in my phone (after I have sent all information) in a special way.

Take a look...

AAA +  first name guest + abbreviation of listing 


Telephone number


Why AAA? 

The name of my listings start with AAA and in this way I see these contacts on top of my screen.

When a guest calls, I immediately respond with his/her first name and I see where and when they are staying.

Once per week I delete all guest names, which have left.

Just saying ;-)



M Adamopoulou

Hello! Chrisje Stultiens I do the same thing. Since I only have one Studio I don't have too many guests so I don't delete their contacts. I save them and in Christmas I send them greetings through Viber.
Keep well...

Chrisje Stultiens

Great idea! For me that would be too many contacts in my phone haha...

At AirBnB two years ago we had the possibility to personalize a card and send to all the guests of that year. That would be a fantastic feature...

M Adamopoulou

Yes that would be a terrific feature...Remember to send feedback to booking.com maybe they can support it.
Thanks for mentioning it.
Have a fabulous night...


Hi I am very new to this, but I was wondering if reverse reviews are available on this site?

Thank you!


Addressing them by their christian names goes a far way making the bond a little closer

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Jammyngz and welcome to the forum. I absolutely agree with you addressing to guests as if they are your old friends helps them to come closer to you...

Sitges Villa A…

As soon as I have a booking their details go into my iPhone and I Identify which company the client has booked through the dates of the holiday and how much they have paid and if any further installments are coming, this information and more is collected by a small app i wrote for myself which helps me keep track of the finances as well, when the guest arrives I use a scanning app here in spain as we have to collect a tourism tax and that keeps track of that and reminds me to file the 3 month tax return. the phone number is shown with the clients name and where they are from, ie which booking co so if they call i know straight away. I have to admit we rarely ever get phone calls from clients, most just book direct and my auto messages are all set up to give the information that most guests want and after they go an automatic thank you goes out with a special picture we have had done of the area in which we live and they can use it as a wallpaper of their phones or tablets or whatever,because of where we live is so special and so well known i commissioned a piece of illustrator artwork in a modernistic style of the main skyline of the village. It seems to go down well with people as we get thank you emails.

Gerda Pretorius

I do exactly the same! That way we can communicate to make their stay as special as possible! My Lodge is in Graskop, South Africa, The Blyde Canyon (Panorama Route), and i am sending all my guests, a very special map, Traveling from the OR Tambo Airport, and the North coming down in the Canyon! That way they do not miss any landmarks traveling to the Lodge!! It works for me!