Restrict accepting bookings from Srilanka

How could I restrict or refrain accepting bookings from my country Sri Lanka. The reason is certain local agents makes faults bookings and cancel at the last moment. This prevents a genuine booking guest.

This happened  few days ago which was my 1st booking.#*** I made inquiries and found that this was a fake booking. Many local calls inquiries for my property came and was able to track the guy. Pls help


Hi and welcome to the forum! 

Pretty sure you cannot restrict bookings by country.

If you want to limit cancellations maybe you should enforce a more strict cancellation policy!


I had the same experience .. i got more than 5 bookings continuously for long period of time   .. then i inform to the booking.com.

this is someone doing on purpose , just to block your availibility.

Just stay calm and one day he will stop this 

Good luck

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