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Restricting the number of available rooms after Covid 19

Hi - I’m fairly new to and am after some help.  We have 2 rooms, with a shared kitchenette/sitting room.  To abide by social distancing guidelines I would like to host just people from the same household, so I’m thinking of just opening 1 room for booking and closing the other.  However, I can easily accommodate up to 4 guests from the same household, but how do offer that on without opening both rooms? And if so, then how do I charge for the extra room?  Any ideas please?  Thank you. 

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Sharonpowney 2 years ago

Definitely a good idea to only allow 1 household under current conditions.  You should change the setup so that the whole area is rented in one go.  So you will be offering a 2 bedroom space with kitchenette/sitting.  Can you classify this as self contained apartment or something similar, which I think a lot of people would prefer, or a Family suite.  Set up pricing for 2 people, with extra amount for each additional person up to 4.