I have never, even as a guest liked the way Booking.com score reviews.  When reviewing as a guest, sometimes I do not want to give a 10 but I'm not prepared to drop to 7.5.  If you have to drop by 25% each time then scores should only be 1 to 5.

However, now as an advertiser, I like it even less that guests can score each section and then give an overall score.  Recently I have received 10 for all sections but an overall score of 8 and 9.  Only the 8 and 9 score show and are logged as such.  It wouldn't be so bad if the potential guests could see how each section was scored but the can't they only see the overall score.

The review score is supposed to be improved, I think it just got worse.

Jennifer Woodruff


Yes, but only collectively, not by individual guests i.e. two guests gave me 10 out of 10 for every section but then did an overall of 8 & 9.  Potential guests only see the 8 and 9 score.

It just needs simplifying, you do not need fractions to score just good only fashioned whole numbers.


You couldn't see the individual scores also under the old system.  At least those 10s are registered and are maintaining your high score on the main property site as Bandara Hotels showed. 


Apparently booking.com have now changed the review system once again and have reverted back to the old method again!!!!

I was told this by our local regional representative for booking.com here in Valle d'Aosta, Italy, as he said they realised that the new system of the guest giving an overall score themselves was even more stupid than the old method because the guest still had to use the 4 faces (which equal 2,5 points for each face) to give a score for each of the 6 catogaries. This conflicted with the system for the overall score because if a guest wanted to give you say 9 points for your overall score he could not choose the right number of faces to match that score in the 6 categories.

Once again booking.com not thinking things through properly so they have now reverted back to the old system or slowly reverting back to it so not to confuse things too much for everyone....too late booking.com we are all (including our guests) already totally confused and have no idea what the hell you are up to !!!!!!


The new system is just being slowly implemented. Now some guests can still rate by the old system and some by the new system. "Soon" all future guests will be scoring with the new scoring system.

Bandara Hotels…

I agree that new system is not perfect yet, that why we all need to give all feedback what we think, we want about this feature. So Booking.com can collect all feedback and develop soon.


Hi everyone! I haven't been posting for a very long time, but I find this topic very interesting! I completely agree with @Bandara Hotels. This new method is not perfect and it could definitely be improved.

We should give Booking.com our feedback. Without any feedback, one never knows how it could go well or wrong.

So far, the new system seems to be worse than better, at least in my case. I completely understand that people's opinions are always subjective and, for one person a 7 might be quite OK, but for others, that is a bad rate. 

One of the things I miss in this new rating system is that guests tend to subject 1 point per section they see they didn't give a full 10/10 rate. It happened to us in several occasions. I'll give you an example: A guest rates 4 categories 10/10 and then two 7,5/10. Since they didn't rate 10/10 in two of them, the "obvious" thing to do for them is rating a total score of 8/10, given the fact that there're no decimals now.

I've also faced situations when the total score, according to the old system would be, let's say, 8,3, but then the total given score was 5. Shouldn't there any way to control this kind of disparities?

Other platforms, such as Airbnb, re-checks with the guest with a popping message when they give a lower overall rate, and I think that would be extremely helpful.  

What do you think? Have you had issues like that as well?

Casa Castellet

DEAR COLLEAGUES. Keep complaining, always.  The problem is the stupid, illogical system created by Booking.  I'm complaining and explaining to Booking.com and I never get an answer.

To my last request, asking Booking  to remove the AVERAGE SCORE in contrast with the 6 parameters, I still get no answer but B...S...

This is the last "answer": "Unfortunately there is no much we can do about it."

If I was angry when I wrote, imagine how I am feeling right now. I have colleagues who got an average final score of 5 against a mathematical average of 9.2 calculated over the 6 parameters. I'm really p....d-off.

I will probably not write again in this English forum because I'm already busy with the Italian one.  REMEMBER: do not only write in the forum but KEEP THE PRESSURE ON THE SUPPORT.  "Support?!"  Booking call it so.

Regards. F 

Ellie Moore

Hello. I have also no idea why the new system was implemented as it has damaged my overall score and increased the percentage of guests rating lower than my overall score. As I would have thought the individual marks given cover most of the topics and the average of these gives the old 'overall' under the new system despite getting 10's I am still getting an overall score of 9, but no idea why.

Things are hard enough as it is and 2020 is going to be a really bad year as it is with added expenses due to Covid 19 so worrying about a drop in my score really isn't helping. 

Bookings needs to be more pro active towards their hotel and guest house owners as we are the ones making the money... lest you forgot?


Mine overall score went from 9,4 to 9,5 with the new system. I received some reviews where overall score was higher then the categories combined. So I can't quite agree with a negative impact of the new scoring system. 

Ellie Moore

This is good for you but my point is with the old scoring method if you had all 10's but one 7.5 in one category  you could see where you might be able to improve and your average is 9.6. Even if you received a 5 in one category your average is 9.2; not 9. So while the new system is whole numbers the trend is downwards and worse still YOU DONT KNOW WHY.



Based on category you are still able to see where you can improve. If you receive an overall score 9 it doesn't mean that you need to improve. Also when you receive 7,5 it doesn't neccessary mean that improvment is needed.  The only negative I see here is, that the guest can score you "1". With the old review system the lowest was 2,5. 

Ellie Moore

This has now happened twice to me and maybe I am not explaining well so here goes again. 

1. All categories 10 but overall score 9; No reason given. Old system gives me 10

2. 5 categories 10, location 7.5  but overall score 8. again without comment  Old system I would have got 9.6.

Logically and mathematically reduced score so it is negative. I have worked really hard to improve and maintain this high score so maybe it is working for you but it isn't working for me and many others.




Here are my recent scores jsut to see from different point of view and see the meaning of this overall score. There is a positive and negative side of both scoring system. With the old system the problem was 7,5. With the new system 7,5 is now usually 8 or 9.  b s



Oh yeah and one sucker :) b So.. it's really not that bad after all. 

Blue Apartment…

The new scoring system sucks big time and is very damaging.  Potential guests only see the overall score.  Each category I had 10/10.  But the overall score was only 8.  

I would dearly love to go back to the old system of average scores.  It's very hard to counteract when guests don't leave a comment so you aren't even able to respond.


Come on Booking.com.  We hosts are paying you, not the guests, it's about time you "Supported" the hosts more.