I wish Booking.com would not allow anonymous reviews which are usually poor and I have no opportunity to respond. I also wish they would put a time limit on the time between stay and reviews.

I have had several reviews from people who have never stayed here and who have never even seen our guest house. Booking.com say they never allow reviews from people who have not stayed but that is not true. If a stay is booked on behalf of someone else the invitation to leave a review goes to the booker and not the guest. I followed one review up and the lady who left the poor review who booked on behalf of someone else told me she was very angry with the guests who had not paid her. When I challenged her she put the phone down! When I got in touch with booking.com and asked them to take the review down they refused.



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Yeah they 'guests'  have no back bone to use facts and tell the truth much of the time. 


BdC should remove the anonymous option completely. 100% agree.  


However the flip side is why is it there to begin with?


Could it be to deal with hostile Partner Hosts?

I do agree there should be a deterrent or penalty system for guests abusing this.


If a booking is made by someone other than the guest who turns up , they are solely responsible, and since they did not actually stay themselves this rating and review should be removed as a rule.

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Pauline @ Chal…

I also think owners should be able to answer reviews without comments.

I don't understand why that's not possible..it's not fair!



for the very simple reason, there is nothing to reply to .



even if only rating left, you can always contact the guest for examples and facts up to 7 days after check out.


and discuss and then clarify their misinformed perspective and they have option to edit their rating.



as for ratings /reviews for people who no showed or cancelled, indeed, it is not meant to be possible. so you need to report those asap


and tag Communities Team  to raise it at their management meetings.

Jill Attfield

I agreed the reviews should be removed if the reviewer did not stay but Booking.com will not do so!!!! However, they still claim that cannot happen! Not true.