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room configuation tips and hints

I'm always struggling with software set up.  we have multiple rooms under a property and I'm often at a loos to get the data as i want.  Any basic setup advise?  skip the deeper thoughts, I'm looking for which menus are important/critical for setting up fee structures and rates, approval processes, etc.


the software just seems so broad and comprehensive, it would be nice if the basics were highlighted.

Account Adviso…

Hi Niccolorosso,


We would recommend having a solid rate foundation first and building on top of that. Having a fully flexible, non-refundable, and early booker rate plan will ensure you are attractive to the widest range of travelers. If you can't have all three, it's recommended to have at least two. Check out this guide for more details.

From there, you can then have a look at other pricing solutions that may work for your property.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.


I understand the philosophy of your suggestion, what I lack is a simple road map of which menu options are used, or most likely used, to setup a room details and rates? The amount of options within menu items makes it a guessing game as to which links to click on to accomplish even the most simple tasks.  A flow chart of setup on a new room would be nice.