Room prices changed with out my knowledge

I dont know what heading to put this under but I had to chose one to get this post through.

I've only just noticed that the prices for one of my rooms in particular has changed to a lesser price for all of next week and I've noticed all the other Hotels and B&B's in my area are also giving a discount. I dont know about them, but I know I did'nt drop my prices and I'm the only one who manages my b.com web site and externet, or any thing to do with my B&B. My husband dont even know my pass word to get into my externet...so why so many unauthorized changes recently including the free taxi from the air port a few days ago ?? What's going on ??




The free airport taxi transfer is only shown t oselect guersts witha min. spend and only direct with BdC.

As for price changes they are only dynamic if that is enabled under genius rates area; promotions enabled etc.