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Room with a view!!!

Hi! everyone,

Many properties have in their titles the word “view” to catch the guest’s eye.

Room with a spectacular, breathtaking, stunning....view....

Can a view be  a  most valuable amenity a property can have???

All of my guests are impressed by the open view my Studio has to the sea and the mountais....they have told me that many times they  are willing to pay  more to have a direct room to view to the sea, the mountains, the parks etc.

In my title I used to have also  A Studio......with a breathtaking view but not anymore...

What do you think???


Aaltje B.

Why not add it? If it is true it is a valuable extra!

It releases stress. The view takes away the sorrows on your back, 

It widens the horizon, might even do figuratively. 

Go for it, Maria!


I opened up the curtains ones being in Singapore on a stopover flight. What did I see: Concrete, bahahaaaa. Now that is something I don't like to see when on holiday. :) 

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Aaltje 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions.

If I add I it will be a long title...

“The Adam’s Studio in Oropos with a breathtaking view»

Don’t you think it’s too long???

Aaltje B.

Would go with shorter version:  Maybe:  Oropos Studio with amazing views


They will find out later who the studio is owned by. Name not needed I think. 

Might add North East South or West, before Oropos. It could be a handy indicator:) 

M Adamopoulou

I like your’s just that The Adam’s reminds me of the Adams Family which I used to watch on TV!!!

Don Burns

Opa Oropos!:  Hilltop suite above the blue bay.


For you non-Greeks, Opa is an expression of good cheer and joy.

M Adamopoulou


Don, Opa is more then means endless entertainment...drinking...dancingwith friends and family...

On Saturday night we are going into an Opa gathering...

When you come to Greece...don’t forget to come to Oropos for an Opa...

Wish you a bright day.

M Adamopoulou

Don, thanks for your suggestion...

Wow!!! You are very creative!!!

I will certainly add it to my description...

M Adamopoulou


I love Dons idea and I Opa all the time with or without music...

Come and join will love it too...

Wish a sunny day...

Dr. Rob


I agree that the name becomes too long if you add it, but it is still an asset you need to leverage. Therefore I think it would be best if you put a 'the view' picture as your main picture and add the text in the description. This way you keep the name short and simple :)