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This is Royal Hotel of Valencia and I had not been getting referrals. We had been admitting guests. How many partners can we have. I am missing our referrals.

I guess I need more partners. I had been getting referrals from pulse but now I am missing them. O guess I need more partners? 

Emmy Ramirez

Pulse I had not heard from you or Agoda. We had been opened. We are not closed. We have more facilities to accommodate guests. We have new Venue. 



  1. referrals = notifications
  2. partners = bookings
  3. pulse is an app not a person
  4. this is not a place to talk about agoda.


Hi so I deduced from the above broken English you are querying why it is you are not receiving new bookings from BdC, and Agoda.


By the way its free to use to convert to English.


Reminder  this is named Partner Hub Community, not BdC support team, they will never see this.


Kind Regards,