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You seem to have used invisible ink, kindly rewrite it in black, thanks  *wink :)


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Kosi Forest Lodge

Haha - I am trying to find out how to postpone bookings without a firm date - giving guests the opportunity to do that rather than cancel, they can then select new dates once this situation is over.

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I have been simply contacting them directly and offer to keep note of your booking and offer them to pick new dates, so I can then confirm available and then block out.


Alternatively offer them in writing a voucher for use later once thing are back to normal and put an expiry date on it.


The voucher should be used via email directly booking and not via BdC

The voucher would simply be a message template ,sent when needed.


After that as I am non refundable rates, I may give a 30-50% refund.  

Closing rooms also limits new bookings.




We have pretty much been doing the same- either emailing confirmationof credit note or if they have a date in mind I am blocking it out. I now have a folder full but I’m just wondering what you are doing with the original reservation on the system? Are you cancelling it with declining to waive fees or are you just leaving it as it is on the system? Or is there something else I should be doing?

I saw you had mentioned you can change dates on the booking but it doesn’t allow me to do that - is it the guest that has to do that?




leave as is and claim as normal, with the new dates booked directly with you