Saving money on electricity

Hey guys any pro tip on how to save some money on electricity bills? for example, guests leaving the apartment with the lights and AC on, or windows are open while heat is on?


Don Burns

If you do not live on-site, there is little you can do to control your guests' electricity over-use.


My wife uses her iPhone app to control the air-conditioning and heating in her store, when she is not there.


You could post a framed sign on your guestroom wall that says:


Please help conserve our electicty by turning off the heating/cooling air control and all lights when you are not here and not opening windows when the air control is on.  These help keep our guestroom rental rates affordable.  Thank you.

Costas loukas

thank you for your idea! I had done the same for not smoking inside the apartment but I always find cigarette ashes and filters! people are strange...

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Costas,   people just dont care about others property...especially when they pay....

You have to be on- site to control them....

Smart plugs is a very good idea but I dont know expensive they are...



Yep I actually do


It involved replaceing the plugs and sockets with their wifi enabled equivalent.


Systems like philips hue can do the smart plug sockets that act as a middle man to the socket on wall. THese can then be setup with the IFTTT .com app to create schedules to shutdown everything at a time every day for example.


By using different vendors fo rthe oslution with IFTTT you can manage it all under the IFTTT app


Yes, the guests don't care about how much electricity you will pay, so you have to find a way to "fight" this problem. :)


And the AC running after they leave the apartment is the biggest problem I guess. There is one simple solution to that one actually. :) You just have to power off your main power fuse and shut electricity down and the AC won't continue to work after you power on the electricity again. :D


That is not so elegant solution (because of the guests which are still in your house), but still it can be done from time to time... :))


Another solution is to make a "House Rules" and place them on your apartment wall/inside of the apartment doors, so the guest will see them for sure. And in this House Rules, you will write that "the host keeps the right to charge a 100€/$ penalty to those guests who leave  AC running after leaving the apartment"

Believe me, it works great!!! All my neighbors noticed how my AC's are shut down most of the day, while theirs were running almost all day long. :))


I had a couple of reviews mentioning how "house rules are too harsh" , but nothing too serious.... ;))