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Schedule check-in message to be send at a specific time

Hi all,

My scheduled message that is send on the day of arrival includes the code for the lockbox. It occured on several instances that my guest shows up for the check-in even prior the check-out time. So the previous guest is still in the apartment but the new guest tried to go in!

Fortunately at this couple of times this happened the key was not in the lockbox and the guest couldn't go in the apartment! I know several guest leave the key in the lockbox when they are not at home! 

I state the chech-in and check-out times again in other messages that I send to the customer, but some people don't bother reading them.If the scheduled check-in message would be send after the check-out time that I set this would be avoided. The message is send at abou!t 8:30 of the day of the check-in!

Can the scheduled check-in message be send in the interval between check-in/check-out? 

I would appreciate your input on this!


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BrookAve 1 year ago





  • 1> put it in first section of the auto message for new bookings, too. and a note that all messages must be read. failure to comply may result in no access to property due to not reading the procedure.

do same for a manual template, that you trigger manual 48 hours prior to arrival,


also update the check-in template for the day of check-in if you have not already.


while you cant schedule between check in and out, you can have templates on standby to manually trigger.  of course that also requires the guest to have 24/7 access t oyour email inbox or the booking app on phone and phone connected to internet. remember not everyone when travelling will always be connected to internet , before during and on departure. I've seen this before, and also someone with a non smart phone.



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