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Seasonality across Europe


I am opening this thread to discuss any sources giving us touristic seasonality across Europe. Hopefully all the partners engaged here can benefit by knowing when to expect high and low seasons and adjust their prices accordingly.


I have noticed a reservation spike in the May-August season bur I assume this is not surprising to anyone here. I was not able to find any source on the internet giving statistical data we could all work with. Does anyone have a clue where to search?



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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

The number 1 source of information will be hosts / partners in your area .... look for similar properties with an established history of holiday lettings ..... check their pricing and minimum stays throughout the year ..... check on and AirBnB etc etc ..... build a big spreadsheet .... it takes time to do this, and as you go along, you'll find several properties with similar settings and spikes in pricing .... you'll also find the odd ones out where they keep the same price all year round and ignore the pricing spikes .... on airbnb, booked dates are crossed out so you can check how popular certain dates are quite easily .... be aware of pricing differences between airbnb and because of's higher fees .... be aware that airbnb displays the nightly price plus a service fee ....

If you expect guests from the UK, search on Google for "school holiday dates uk" .... they can vary in different parts of the UK, so you will see lots of results for each local authority .... but most will be similar dates

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Dr. Rob 2 years ago

Thank you very much for this! I had a similar thought initially, but was hoping for a more effective approach to exist. Something like - access to booking database for a specific region - that would be a honeypot of data for this purpose.

Again - thank you for investing time on this