Select amount to sell within Rates and availability sheet

Hi, does any body know what is "select amount to sell" option mean? Since I have added a new rate plan it is appearing me this tool with options

- 0 options to sell

- 1 option to sell

- mixed

Thank you very much!!

Aaltje B.

Thuild, could you answer this question please. And the other one he has too. Most appreciated. Both from 22 days ago....

Nikolas is studying the fine details and wisely so. Hope he gets things sorted and much to the delight and benefit of other readers too.


Aaltje B.

Aaltje B.

Barry, could you perhaps answer this one ,pls . 


Many thank yous 



Aaltje B .

Account Adviso…

Hi Jonathan,

Amount to sell refers to the inventory you have available. For example, a hotel might have 10 Queen Rooms and 11 Twin Rooms.

The same rooms to sell logic will apply to holiday homes as well. If you have just one house to sell, then select rooms to sell as '1'.

If for example you have three houses to sell, rooms to sell will be selected as '3'. You can use this guide if you get stuck at any point updating your calendar. 

Kind regards,

Shirley E.