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Hello, long story short... There was a hotel, owner didn't manage well and got his property confiscated by bank. Bank appointed another manager to take care about the building meanwhile until it's sold to someone else. I came in, pay off the original debt + some fees and get the property in September 2018. I invest more money because hotel was over 20 years old with close to zero investment into basics (new roof, new water source, new heating,...) Most customers are using Booking.com nowadays so I joined, but obviously the temporary bank's manager managed to create debt to booking.com (like ***?) so booking won't let me use service until debt is paid off. I've already contacted support several times, but it's blocked until no debt is left. Is there any option to overcome this problem? Right now there is no profit for both me and  booking (and sweet juicy taxes for state). I'm not gonna pay it personally... That would ve like spitting in my face... Customer support told me that debt is slowly paying off but I can't wait like another 2-3 years.


Hello Vít Šťastný! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for your post. I understand your problem, but to my mind, contacting Booking.com support is the only way to solve it. Sorry, I don't think other partners will be able to help here.