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Service Offering - Advice on all things I.T. Smart Homes, and related

Hi Fellow Partners


I am proposing a service offering for advice , how-to etc on all things I.T related to your Accommodation, when I have free time.


From simple things like tailored proposal or advice on how to choose a smart lighting solution to how best to provide Wi-Fi securiely.


Many of us will not even be aware of basic things like when you provide Wi-Fi using a shared password or 3rd party authentication such as Facebook or Google logon, that it does not actually mean each guest is separated. 


In fact you are all on the same network (wired and wireless) by default.

These public networks with shared printers or smart TVs, are fine for only that type of device but not for work laptops, and personal data devices.


That is just a simple example. I know of and use products that have the ability to 'Garden Wall' every device on the same Wi-Fi SSID so that they can only traverse to the modem gateway and out to the internet.


So here Is what I suggest , simply create a new topic with:

  • PREFIX Title - with [IT Advice Request]  example  [IT Advice Request] Smart Lightning with Philips  
  • Summarise the requirements Give as much detail as poosible on Scope, vendor products,  number of floors, numbver of guest rooms, size of campus; link to the property listing so I can see location and photos. etc.




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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Dear Barry, very kind and thoughtful of you to help us.

Your experience is highly appreciated.