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Set a minimum stay


I have 2 issue that id like some advice on please.


1. How do you set a minimum nights stay. I find Im having a few bookings that only want to stay one night. 

There is more cleaning now with Covid and Im not finding it viable for one night stay.

2. Also is there a facility to add a cleaning charge? 

Be grateful if you could advise on any of the above please.


Dale Eden Morris (Mrs)


In Rates, Calendar, use List view.  On left hand side open up to see additional lines re Minimum stay.  You can use the Bulk edit to update minimum stay.  If you don't see the additional lines contact help team using Inbox icon on Extranet and ask them to open them up for you.

Alternatively you can increase your single night stay and add a Promotion discount for stays of 2 nights or more.

If you search in Help for Cleaning it will give you the following