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set up pricing for individual people

I joined ages ago and now confused how it works.

Mine is a vacation house.  sleeps up to 9 people but I cant find how I put in a standard rate for 2 people and then charge extra for more people?

I managed to put another rate plan on which is peak and that was better as Its one price for whole house.

Is it rooms that are the people?

My standard rate shows 8 people?

Thank you in advance


When you set up your rates (Rates and Availability, Calendar, then use Bulk update or do individually) you can set a price for 2, then a price per each individual person.  There are lots of different ways, which depends on your own requirements so lots of flexibility but you do need to decide how you want to price it.

Corina Bothe

Hi Sharonpowney thank you for your reply.

I went into Rates and Availability, Calendar, then Bulk Edit.

My question is it asks :  Rooms to sell?  Its a whole house so what would I put there? (I put  number 1 room)

Then for price plan:  I would put Standard if normal rates which I have to alter in the rate plan area?  And I would put my standard price in 2people area and add my extra fee on each person up to 8.  (I presume this is where it seperates how many people stay.?

At the moment I have 8 people against my standard rate which I am about to alter.  

If you can confirm what I have written above would be great.  

I do understand it can be done individual days or bulk days.

Thank you in advance