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Setting the default language for automatic messages

Where do i find the place to set the default language for automatic messages?






As far as I can tell what ever your default language is for your Extranet, thats the default you see when you go to Messaging Preferences.


But the actual templates for auto messages , are really set individually.

You just have to set one then save it then reopen scroll down to the language drop down and select the next language you want the same message in that language, and then copy paste it in.



  1. For each Auto Message Template
  2. Write it in English UK then copy paste it into English US
  3. Now paste it into in another browser tab window.
  4. Select a destination language such as French,
  5. Now copy the French version text
  6. Now go back to the browser tab with the auto message template you are working on
  7. Select French and paste it in and save.
  8. Rinse and Repeat


Kind regards


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