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Setting half year booking

how to setting for half year booking.our room is available for 1year booking, but i hope to change for half year,because too much cancellation for the booking

pls help us  thank you

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Indeed.....consider Non Refundable rates, with prepayment via BdC

10 months ago
Aaltje B.

Yes, I have done that. Where I can take the guest's money in two times. One around time of booking and one at arrival. One has to be on the ball though. 

If it is possible in your country you could buy a device so people can pay by credit card at your house or unit. 

Its callled an eftpos system or variphone  system. I pay for it  on a monthly bases. 

It even allows me to use it for private murchandise outside my home. 

About cancellations: there are exceptions where guests can cancel easily and not pay for it. Even the non refundable... 

Tricky ! 

10 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Yes...non-refundable rates is a great solution to cancellations although that may mean fewer reservations but secure.

Payments by booking.com is an excellent solution and I have been part of it from the beginning  but it doesn’t allow you to have prepayments...

Wish you all the best. 

10 months ago