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Share our place with worldwide people can be a help on our lifes, can be our work BUT is also a LOVE act.

At our litle holidays home, we share strong values, culture, joy and love in small gestures...

We share true and love and Clients return it almost all the times.Our invitation to good feelings...


Casa da Cerca

Hi Sergei.

It's my pleasure, because I share my house with love. So I want to share good practices with Guests, treat them with care and receive care also.

But I'm not understanding, when I share this with you I received a message from you saying you will remove my post because it includes innapropriate content... 

I didn't understand where I put innapropriate content and now I receive this message from you and it means everything is OK. ...

Can you tell me what happens?

We also have our film we could share at the community.

Regards, Paula