small B & B looking for xlm recommendation

Hi i am in need of a channel manager for a small 3 bedroom B&B. Too many to choose from. Any advice?

Hotel Bandolero

Quite complicated is the answer.  I have been working with one called "otelsMS' for a few months now on a one year trial basis and I am not 100% pleased with the service.  Have recently been researching other providers but it is difficult to discern which would be most suitable in both functionality and economically.  I have a small hotel with just eight rooms so a grand channel manager service is not required but a reliable one would be helpful.  With this one, after launching with connections to only Booking.com and Expedia, in January they tried to get my Airbnb listings on-line and completely screwed it up to the point where one of my rooms disappeared from Airbnb and I almost lost paid for images. Not impressed that they only speak Spanish which makes it a bit more complicated for me even though it appears they are a Bulgarian company. 

Good luck.