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Smart Home Heating Control - Hiveheating - Scheduling & Room zone controled on demand



In this topic I will cover :

  • Single Unit Heating
  • Zone or Room based
  • Temperature Target


There are two controllers for Hive Heating - Single & Dual .


These replace the thermostat controller that triggers your Oil or Gas Boiler.


Typically it is located in the Kitchen back wall where the outside boiler house is on the opposite side of that wall, in Ireland that is.

The difference between Single and Dual is if you have a motorised valve control on your boiler which separates two zones, typically Heat Hot Water for entire house and radiators versus Heat only the Hot Water tank upstairs.

This is very useful during warmer times of the year where you do not need the heating on or rarely.



Hive Active Heating & Hot Water Smart Thermostat White (550HG)Wall or desktop thermostat and the dual controller.

Hive Smart TRV Head White (265GX)TRV or Thermostatic Radiator Valve Control



With a TRV and the system set to schedule on a per day and per time slot basis, a person in a bedroom ca n trigger the heating to come on and heat only that room.


Essentially you turn it clockwise to set a target temperature, then this wirelessly triggers the controller to open the vale and turn on the boiler.


This works best when all radiators are TRV and or manually close in off position.


There is an additional accessory that can replace the Hive Hub which plugs into your modem. It is called the Hive360, and connects wirelessly to the modem/Wi-Fi, which then in turn can talk to the controller and multiple all or desk mounted thermostats.


It also has its own ecosystem of additional devices from smart bulbs, to motion sensors, to smart plug sockets.


The savings alone more than justify the price and the installation price if you need a Boiler engineer (electrician) to install it.


I do not pay a subscription.


With the smart phone app you can set and control or boost for a fixed time.


If you are not at property, you can switch on  heating manually or disable schedule etc.


Using you can trigger coming home and leaving home events to turn on or off.


When I know I have no bookings lets say between weekends, then I can easily toggle control to OFF so that the schedule does not turn it on for 4  days.

Giving me the option to use boost mode instead if I decide lets heat the house for a few hours on a wet evening after 6pm.


Taping the button on top of the Thermostat control sitting on my Home Office Desk or in the app I can say 30 minutes to 1 hour up to 6 hours and it will auto turn off so I  do not forget to.





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pibomarco 2 years ago

We use Thermostatic Radiator Valves Control from Danfoss. Very nice feature. You can also set a temperature restriction (example max 23˙C), so the guests are not able to turn the room into sauna :) 

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

We also use Thermostatic Valves....but dont need them...our Studio is open only from April to October...

The temperatures are high enough.....heating is not needed...but if it happens to have a chill we provide extra lovely blankets....