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Smart Key Exchange Software - Game Changer For Hosts

Why would you use KeyNest as a host? ? Why not use a KeySafe/LockBox I hear you ask? ?


Well they are both pretty reasonable questions, the answer to them both is simply the service you get from using a Smart Key Exchange provider. For example, let’s say you have an apartment right in the centre of Birmingham City Centre and there is no place for you to place a keysafe onto the wall. ?

You’re stuck now with having to meet the guest every time which can cause issues for you and stress, such as sometimes guests don’t always arrive at their estimated time due to the train being delayed, place, bus, taxi and so on. So you’ll be having to wait outside your apartment till they arrive, another hassle you don’t want especially if you have better things to do!



Not to mention on their check-out you’ll have to meet the guest again to collect the keys. BUT now with KeyNest the key can be stored at over 2500+ Stores worldwide, plenty in Birmingham though for the guest to easily pick up the key, whenever they want, 24-hour access and enter your apartment!

Automate your check-in/check-out

Stop living in the stone age, technology has advanced, you can allow apartment/property access no matter where you are.

Simply just send the key collection details to your guests or staff and KeyNest will notify you every time the keys are collected or dropped off ??

24/7 hour access to your keys

The short let business or Airbnb business runs 24/7 – and so should your access to pick up the keys. Guests may be at a concert or at an event, they don’t want to be meeting someone at 11 pm at night to collect a key just to get into an apartment they paid hundreds for.


What makes KeyNest good? KeyNest

Easy, the Automatic real-time updates. What is that? Well, you’ll receive an email notification every time your keys are dropped off or collected. So whether you’re at home or out and about, you’ll know that your keys are safe. You can also change the codes after every guest check-in if you wish and have separate codes for your cleaner, how brilliant!


If you use for your property, Serviced Accommodation, SA or Short Let’s then you may have heard of KeyNest, the Smart Key Exchange!

Thank you to KeyNest, they’ve given a special Discount Code to Pilot My Property for all clients, friends & readers ??

Click the link below to see the code and article??


KeyNestKey Nest Code

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Dear Partner, thanks for sharing the Keynest idea!!!

Last summer my cousins visited Athens and the property they booked had a Keynest service.  Very nice idea for hosts that are not present in accommodation.

In our holiday home, we  are  always there awaiting our guests to arrive to meet and we do when family arrives.  For us welcoming our guests is very important and are very happy to be there to welcome them with a glass of water, juice, wine etc.... to show them arround and answer any of their questions....

We do not live in stone age...we live in the nature that everyone wants to be....another world....another situation....but whatever you it right..




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You are welcome! :) But yes for people like us who have many properties, It is hard to be in 2 places at once to meet and greet the guest, hence why self check-in is brilliant.

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

I agree 100% and please keep on sharing your technology ideas...we are behind.... always interested in new ways to improve our living...

We live only 50 klm away from Athens and we do not even have telephone or internet connection....

Have a great weekend.


Marién Rubio 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing this service. In Malaga (Spain) is not working yet. So I will be watching.