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Smokers who smoke where they should not

I've recently had smokers in my non-smoking establishment who have disrespected the house policy of no smoking anywhere inside the building.  They were asked not to smoke in their rooms, they were provided with ash trays for use on the terraces, one had a room with terrace the other had a room near a terrace.  The stench of tobacco in their rooms upon their departure was evident.  We have published room folders with information regarding a fine for smoking in the rooms, an attempt to deter this behaviour but have not enforced it.

Any advice on how to combat this problem?  I find that it It is normally young people who don't respect house policies or a "die hard" smoker who reeks of tobacco.

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BrookAve 2 years ago




How visible are your No Smoking signs and how frequently can they be seen on arrival to walking through common areas to entering and leaving the rooms?


Do you actually have such signs and more than 2?


In terms of how to fine and enforce this policy unless you are happy to confront in person or have someone stand with you, when you approach them such as security staff or a very tall fierce looking friend / body builder...

...then it might be more prudent to have a prepay deposit and withhold that deposit or partial when this breach occurs.


For that to work it has to be prepaid or on arrival. and increase visibility of the policy both on site and in the booking such as add a no smoking photo, add to the fine print 'your deposit is at risk if you smoke '.


could also add that text on top of the no smoking photo.



Kind regards


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.neri 2 years ago

This point should be aded to the discussion about reviews for guests. A guest would'n dare do that if they knew no property would take them afterwords. It also comes to the question about "black listing". I think smoking in the house  or similarly, letting the dog on the bed, and more, all these are helth and safety matters and we shouldn't wait for a fire in a property before we take them seriously!