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SMS Verification & duplicate listing in error.


I have no mobile signal where I live, therefore I cannot receive my 6 digit verification code. A friend of mine received a verfication code by landline, how can I action this?

Also, during the many attempts to 'log in' I inadvertently created a duplicate listing I need to delete.

Help please! 


Thank you in advance

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jaybeegee 1 month ago

hello and welcome to the partner community channel which is a forum for sharing tips, advice etc with other owners ... ie. this is not an official bdc partner support channel!

I am not aware that you can recv the verification code on the landline but I am pretty sure there are other means ... maybe postal ... I would suggest you contact bdc so they  can facilitate your verification by alternative means.

As regards the duplicate listing you can very easily delete it from the extranet property > property layout > delete the wrong one.


gl and let us know !