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Sold our house. want to cancel my listing

We sold our house and want to cancel our listing with booking but can't find how to do it...



Hi Dino,


My suggestion is do the following :

  1.  Using Rate & Availability - Close Rooms,select alland For All Room, Action : Close click Update and show changes.
  2.  Now that you have prevented new bookings, contact support to close account.
  3.  The contact info is located in : Inbox > Messages >> Contact Us, click to expand it down. 'Call you support team' appears with a phone number




Community Admin

Hello Dino Tremblay! Thank you for your post! As mentioned correctly from Barry Reilly you need to make sure to close all availability from your calendar. After this is done, you can send a written request via the Inbox of your Extranet account stating clearly that you wish to terminate your contract with and also mention the reason of the termination! Good luck!