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VERY IMPORTANT: SARS CoV2 sanitation Hello Brok, I'm Riccardo from the B&B San Francesco in Pescara, I solved the problem of sanitation from Covid 19 thanks to AERUS, the FDA certified sanitizer tested by the Italian faculties and already present at the USL Covid departments. It is manufactured by Electrolux and NASA Aerospace. The compact system captures all the water particles present in the air with a system of condensers, none excluded, destroys the crown and releases the same water particles present in the air. without using ozone. all air becomes healthy and breathable, especially all surfaces are immediately sanitized by the covid. hotels no longer have any problems in common areas and furnishings. It would seem like magic but it is science and technique applied together. the importer for Europe is based in L'Aquila, the city of my Abruzzo region, while the marketing by sale is based in Turin. the company is also looking for part-time people to be included in the sales or dealer network. If you know someone or may also be of interest to you or may be interested in the system, I am available. It is the only existing device in the world and specific for SARS CoV2. I also solved the sale of these systems with my work, today alongside my B&B business. On the internet you will find my contacts. Riccardo +39.3920637601