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Spelling Error

Please fix this spelling error on our extranet. Shared is spelled wrong on this room type. "Queen Room with Sharred Bathroom"



Hi Megan,


Cosmetic things like that will not be a priority, and not really something for the partner community.

I would suggest you send it as a message to the BdC support team via extranet so  they might actually send it to the Ui/UX team devs to resolve it. But do not expect it to be quickly resolved.


Reminder : Partner community is for partners by partners 90% of the time, and occasionally a community team staff respond or delete or remove items from posts.



Kind Regards


PS would be fantastic if we all finish our partner profiles with our property listing.

Would be nice to see fellow partners listings and also greatly helps us help you when there are related questions etc.

Aaltje B.

Yes, looking forward. 

It is not a law, but definitely a lot easier for us host to see where you are coming from (what your listing looks like :)