Switch off rate plan


I'm looking to delete a non-refundable rate plan (less 10% off basic rate plan).

When I click delete I get a message saying ...

"Are you sure?

After you delete this rate plan it will be permanently erased. If you'd rather switch it off, do it in your Calendar."

I'd prefer to just switch it off, but can't find how to switch it off in the calender.

Any help is greatly appreciated.





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Hi Philip


So when it says switch off rate plan, first there cannot be active future bookings for that rate plan.


Normally the NR Rate plan is the baseline plan too, so check you do not have others setup based on it.


I would suggest you open the calendar like it said, in List View.

  • Select the Room Type
  • Set the date range
  • Now click bulk edit
  • Now in Rooms to Sell, enter '0', click Save Changes.


This tells sets this Rate plan for this Room Type for that date range, has zero inventory.

So there wont be any results for this plan when someone searches.




Get up to speed with :  Managing Availability by BrookAve


Then if you are still struggling to setup availability, phone BdC Support.



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