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How can I delete sync calendar ?

Community Admin

Hello FLORENT BOURDON! Thank you for posting in the Community!

Every calendar you import will have the ‘Sync now’ and ‘Remove’ options. Clicking ‘Sync now’ will automatically sync the imported calendar. Clicking ‘Remove’ deletes the imported calendar and stops any syncing. 

To deactivate your export from Booking.com to a third-party calendar website, remove the connection on the other platform.

Best of luck!

Rado Dugát

Well, that's not entirely true. I've got 2 calendars with no Remove option. The first one has a status Import needed - Complete setup. The other one Activating   - Complete setup. The first one works just fine, I need only export, no import is needed. Therefore the status is a bit irritataiting. 

The other one is a misconfigured export. I'm not able to correct the export. I'm able to add a working import which gives me the desired Remove option instead of Complete setup option. However, the Remove button removes just the import part but not whole line. Basically, the Remove returns me back in the status where I'm now with a redundant calendar sync.

Please advise how to delete the redundant non-working line and how to get rid of the Import needed status for cal export.