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sync calendar

I have a problem with calendar synchronization because calendar sync choice in menu is missing. I have three accommodations on booking. There was not a problem on two of them but on the third sync choice is missing. What is the problem ?

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jaybeegee 2 years ago

hello and welcome to the bdc partner forum.

You did not give much info to help with the problem resolution!

Have you tried creating another calendar sync for the accomodation that is giving the problem?

What is the error message?

Can you attach a screenshot?



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BrookAve 2 years ago

Like Jay said , the devil is in the lack of detail.


You have not said how many beds per listing  i.e. room type count = ??


and in general the issue or limitation is actually caused by having Room Type = X and Count = > 1.


This is why a Channel Manager 3rd party tool service is the better way by design.

At end of the day, I strongly reccommend you dont try to export or sync calendars without using a CM, its manual and not instant, and will lead to over bookings.


Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well