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synchronisation with airbnb

We can not synchribisate owr advertice on with airbnb agenda

can you see what we do wrong?

greetings Trijn en Wim

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Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

don't bother, calendar sync on is broken, it doesn't work properly

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BrookAve 1 year ago


Like IoW, said, its not reliable, and the workaround and 99% reliability is by using a 3rd party service called a Channel Manager.


Some free plans, some paid features or low cost monthly.


e.g. syncbnb, cloudbeds, beds24, nobeds, etc 


A quick google search for channel manager will bring up many of them.


The reason a CM service has a high success rate is because it act the Sync Manager and golden copy / master calendar and it manages then each OTA calendar connected.


As Jon Taffer  (Tv: Bar Rescue) would say : ' I dont embrace excuses I only embrace solutions', like him and Gordon Ramsey (Kitchen Nightmares) , I believe in just getting on with it and do what is nessecary to make it work.


So while I agree always with IoW above, I am not interested in waiting around for BdC to fix it, and instead bypass the issue and use the Channel Manager solution.


Note : there can be in some rare cases regardless of a CM, a 1% chance of the BdC system glitches and causes a overbooking. I have seen less than 5 cases of this in recent months on here.



Kind Regards