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synchronisation with airbnb

We can not synchribisate owr advertice on with airbnb agenda

can you see what we do wrong?

greetings Trijn en Wim



Like IoW, said, its not reliable, and the workaround and 99% reliability is by using a 3rd party service called a Channel Manager.


Some free plans, some paid features or low cost monthly.


e.g. syncbnb, cloudbeds, beds24, nobeds, etc 


A quick google search for channel manager will bring up many of them.


The reason a CM service has a high success rate is because it act the Sync Manager and golden copy / master calendar and it manages then each OTA calendar connected.


As Jon Taffer  (Tv: Bar Rescue) would say : ' I dont embrace excuses I only embrace solutions', like him and Gordon Ramsey (Kitchen Nightmares) , I believe in just getting on with it and do what is nessecary to make it work.


So while I agree always with IoW above, I am not interested in waiting around for BdC to fix it, and instead bypass the issue and use the Channel Manager solution.


Note : there can be in some rare cases regardless of a CM, a 1% chance of the BdC system glitches and causes a overbooking. I have seen less than 5 cases of this in recent months on here.



Kind Regards